pizzeria beddia—best pizza in america?!!

hola. erose eats is back and eating in the great city of brotherly LOVE (philadelphia). no longer in the green mountain state (vermont). farewell

my friend gabriélla told me about pizza that was voted “best pizza in america” in 2015 by bon appetite. she also told me that this pizza now had its own restaurant that just opened up in Fishtown- very close to temple university (the school i now attend.)

some background:

joe beddia is the creator of these reputable pizzas. he started out small. bon appetite wrote that, “Beddia dedicated himself to the singular vision of making only 40 pizzas a day in a tiny standing-room-only, 300-square-foot space with one employee.” he started combining “organic flour, yeast, water, extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, and sugar.” this was way back when he had just started out; this is what landed him the title of having the best pizza in america.

after achieving this status, of course it was only logical that when he announced that he would be opening up his own restaurant serving the pizza and other food and drinks, there would be hype. a lot of it.

so what better adventure than try it out for myself- after all, i was hype too.

my two friends and i made our way to the brand new pizzeria beddia. the restaurant that immediately got booked months in advanced.

but luckily they do hold seats for walk ins- so the three of us somehow managed to get a spot.

to give you an idea:

just a lil popular..

okay so we parked on a side street and had a short yet dark walk through an empty alley way to the restaurant… dramatic…there was not much to be seen in this hidden scene. until i saw the green peace sign.


entrance to pizzeria beddia.
simple + plain-(nothing like the inside.)

as you can tell, the entrance is simple and rustic. there are no windows so you really don’t know what to expect. there is even an orange cone placed in front of the door to give a sort of construction type vibe. it all kinda reminded me of a garage.

but when you walk inside, the atmosphere completely changes.

it is modern and high energy. the staff are all dressed in artistic outfits and everyone i saw there all looked like works of art.

when you first walk in, there is a circular bar area that was filled with people. i saw a cute little cloud that reminded me of a dumpling. i remember even saying to my friends that the bar area felt tokyo or japanese inspired somehow. even the fact that the bar was circular reminded me of a sushi revolving bar.

dumpling cloud

it wasn’t until i was reading about joe beddia that i realized my thought that the animated cloud reminded me of tokyo was actually correct.

turns out he actually travelled to japan and worked in a brewery. it was in tokyo that joe tried a marinara pizza and knew he wanted to create his own pizza restaurant- inspired by japanese sushi chefs.

back to the story:

we sat down at a booth right next to the chefs making pizzas- it was the perfect seat. joe beddia purposely placed a glass window in front of our booth so that you can actually watch the chefs make the pizzas.

glass in front of kitchen
cloud dumpling reflection in glass.

the atmosphere was really interesting in pizzeria beddia. the place was very contemporary but there was a nice, easy going, almost laid back vibe at the same time.

almost as if his authentic roots of making 40 pizzas a day with only one other employee peaked through. but it was now just more official, more “classy”,more sophisticated i guess.

before i start with the meal i must mention to get sparkling water. at other restaurants when asked if i would like sparkling water i say no because i always think the sparkling water from bottles at restaurants have a weird taste. but this sparkling bottle of water was a brand i had never seen before and it was refreshing.

it really did make the meal more enjoyable very refreshing between bites

anyways: we sat down, looked at the menus, and knew what we wanted. we ordered two appetizers and two pizzas.

appetizers: sire cheese and tuscan kale, shaved vegetables, creme fraiche, mint

cheese placed in olive oil, and bread.
my description:
mild at first but stronger flavor at the end. almost sharp but kind of creamy at same time. must dip bread in olive oil after
vegetable concoction
flavorful, colorful, refreshing.
mint and lime adds fresh taste
nuts adds that savory kick
light and good, i liked it

but enough with these appetizers. these two pizzas are what we are concerned about:

pizza one (tomato, whole milk mozz, old gold)

pizza two (swiss chard, fresh cream, garlic)

pizza one

pizza one was what you would call a “plain” pizza, a cheese pizza. It had pretty thin crust that was crispy and slightly burnt on the outside, which i actually didn’t mind. the most significant part about the pizza was the olive oil. if i read correctly, there is olive oil in the crust, but i believe he put some more olive oil on top. each bite wasn’t greasy- it was just oily. but it tasted like a pure olive oil; i didn’t mind it too much. i would say all together, cheese was thin and spread out, but it had a lot of flavor. the sauce tasted good and pure. i enjoyed pizza one.

pizza two

pizza two was my favorite out of both pizzas. it had a lot of flavor and garlic. it was oily just like the other. it tasted to me like the pizza version of linguini and clams.

when it comes to the pizza, for me personally, it is not the best pizza in america. but its pretty awesome and i recommend trying it out for yourself- see what you think.

before i give my final view on the restaurant PIZZERIA BEDDIA, i had to indulge in dessert when prompted.

sweet cream soft serve served softly in mini glass cups. yum

the soft serve was fire (but frozen.) very deliciosa, mucho sweet, very sweet, very creamy. a step up from Ikea’s vanilla soft serve. if you know what i’m talking about then ily baby. Ikea gets capitalized because it’s Ikea.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: this place is awesome. it’s awesome because joe beddia created the outside of the restaurant to be so subtle, so plain, so rustic, so simple that you don’t expect to see what you see when you open the door. i actually said at one point that i felt like i was at a restaurant in new york. it just had that energy. the people were cool looking, interesting style. the set up of the restaurant was nice and the atmosphere was modern, edgy, sophisticated, yet comfortable and calm at the same time.

last final thought: if there is one reason you should try out pizzeria beddia, it is because of the takeout pizza box. i’m not saying you should go and leave any pizza to spare- but i did. the takeout pizza box will surprise you, hidden (yet not hidden) spurs of creativity rule the world.

peace for now

-erose eats

1 thought on “pizzeria beddia—best pizza in america?!!

  1. Living for the pizza box cliff hanger! 🍕


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