the snakebite sandwich

it is currently December 15th 2018, thanksgiving has passed.  but, on my way home from college for thanksgiving break, my friend and i stopped at a random place in the middle of Vermont hoping to get a quick bite to eat.  little did we know how special this place would be and that i would have to go back a few weeks later- when departing from college for winter break.

my friend’s dad had shown me this small little sandwich shop in the middle of rural Vermont on the way home for thanksgiving.  happens to be in Addison, Vermont (around 45 minutes from Burlington, VT.) . he told me to order a sandwich called the “snakebite.”  i was very surprised with how special this sandwich was.

the store is hidden on the side of a road in Vermont, there is not much advertising- if any at all.


the american flag waves in front of the small little sandwich shop named “Snake Mountain Sandwich Shoppe”

there are other commodities here besides just sandwiches- homemade chocolates, house smoked meats (chicken, pulled pork, brisket, you name it), house made cookies and pastries.  everything is delectable and homemade.

the entire place as a whole is called “Addison Four Corner Store and sandwich shop” and is located 4934 VT-22A, Addison, VT 05491


to give you an idea about what is around this shop- nothing much besides some open fields and farm land stretching miles on end.  with a whole lot of emptiness surrounding it, this shop is like a hidden gem in a treasure chest.

back to the story:

i spoke to the owner because i wanted to find out more about Addison Four Corner Store and sandwich shop.  he told me the place itself has been around since…..1825.  that is a very long time!!!! 

but he and his wife bought it and started making their homemade food in 2001 because they wanted to start their own business.

i asked him who most of his customers were.  he told me that while there are locals, there are surprisingly a bunch of tourists and travelers that end up stumbling across this shop and indulging in their delicious foods.  the most popular items bought are their sandwiches, homemade chocolates, and house smoked pepperoni and cheese.

after speaking with the owner, i wanted to show my mom and pop pop what this place was all about.  so we ordered one of each other their three most loved sandwiches : the snakebite, smokehouse, and hot hawaiian.


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snakebite:  a little spicy (chipotle sauce and jalepenos) with a refreshing (cucumbers), and of course bread, cheese, and turkey. simple sandwich, not fancy at all. but the high quality ingredients and flavors work fantastically together

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smokehouse: smoked turkey, house smoked pepperoni, apple slices (to add sweetness), sweet baby rays bbq sauce, and cheddar cheese……… a stellar combo

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hot hawaiian: ham, cream cheese, pineapple habanero sauce, and swiss cheese.  the swiss makes sure the sweeter sauce doesn’t overpower the sandwich

these are the three sandwiches with interesting components that balance each other very nicely.

a nice place, a quick stop, a special treat, a short post

check it out

the people are very friendly, and they know how to make a good sandwich.

some other pics from the shop:

-erose eats

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